Faculty of Social Sciences


The Faculty of Social Sciences aspires to produce graduates who possess a social science perspective, communication skills, analytic and problem-solving abilities, global vision, cultural sensitivity and competence for lifelong learning.

Our programmes develop students’ generic competence as well as specialist knowledge and skills required for further study in a discipline. Apart from the core courses of the discipline, students take general education courses in English language, Arts and Humanities, Society and Organizations, and Science and Technology.

The Faculty of Social Sciences has about 26 well-qualified, full-time faculty members. We place dual emphasis on formal curriculum and out-of-classroom activities and adopt a student-oriented teaching and learning approach.

More than 77% of our 2018/19 graduates were admitted to local and overseas degree programmes. Other graduates took up employment in various sectors, including social work and social services, education, public and non-government organizations, customer service and public relations at frontline management or para-professional level.